Thursday, December 27, 2012


Enjoy teaching about weather and the four seasons with this thematic unit.  Visit my TPT store for freebies and this product. ( $6:00)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Learning positional words for kindergarten and newcomer ELL students can be confusing for  them.  I have developed printable activites to help you teach these words.  The children must color, cut and place the object in the proper place in their little books.  They may use your book, which you complete at circle time, as a model for their book while they are at centers. The physical manipulation of this interactive activity allows the student to take ownership of the language and concept being taught. Click the turkey to view this project.  There is also a free activity called "Where Is My Little Pumpkin".


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Click on the poem for the link to my Little Pumpkin Poem. It has a cut and paste activity included in this free product. The students love this Fall poem.

Please visit my new Thanksgiving thematic unit at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is filled with great activities, poems, art projects, printables and much more.  These activities are great for K-2 or older newcomers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ELL Classroom Management and Productive Learning

I would like to share an example of the type of activities I design for the ELL classroom.  These activities are designed to engage the child in productive learning experiences.  They actively interact with the project to help internalize the concept and vocabulary.  My activities are designed to build fine motor skills and keep little fingers and minds independently and productively busy for  30-45 minutes. They are created to support a particular concept that is currently being taught in the classroom. These independent activites allow the teacher to work one on one with individual children- to address their personal needs.  Did you ever have a "newcomer" enter your class mid-sememster and who does not speak a word of English? Teachers ask themselves-"How am I going to work with this child?"  These activities are designed so newcomers can do them independently (with a teacher model) and also productively engage the rest of the class. This allows you to pull newcomers or other children with special needs one at a time or in small focus groups!

Here is a link to my activity called "Where is Pumpkin".  It is free.  We were are learning about Fall and Thanksgiving in my class.  In math and reading we are learning about "position words."  This activity combines both concepts in a fun, engaging activity.  It will keep little fingers and minds busy so you can focus on children with special needs.
This blog is dedicated to all elementary language learners. Students from other countries and the inner city child. I wish to share my expertise in developing language proficiency through content areas such as science and social studies.  I believe the best way to teach language is through concrete experiences that are engaging and interactive. Support for teaching "newcomers" is available.    

Monday, October 29, 2012