Saturday, February 16, 2013

Writing criteria and rubric charts for Kindergarten

I have been teaching ELL and General Ed.  Kindergarten students how to write for the past 28 years.  I have developed a rubric system that is highly effective.  I have aligned this rubric system to CCSS and WIDA.  You can find the complete rubric in my store at TPT.  Below I have given samples of the rubric and a sample of student work that matches the rubric level.  These examples follow the same student throughout the school year.  This child is an average ELL student in my Kindergarten class.  The writing growth attained by implementing these rubrics is amazing. 


Notice the child received a V+ for this work.  All children receive a V+ and the work is assigned to a certain level.  This builds self-esteem and a sense of pride in the written work.  Here on the Entering level the child is using a picture to help verbally tell her story.  Random letters and invented spelling are the norm at this level.
The same student in November has made tremendous progress.  The three word sentence "I like GRaps." exemplifies this growth.  Here we see that the child understands sentence structure.  She is relaying an important piece of information to her story.  She is leaving spaces between words and using a captial and a period at the end of the sentence. The most improtant growth is that she is not  only copying from her environment but attempting to sound out the words in her story.  She is using what she has learned about letters and their sounds to form her thoughts into words.  This level, Developing, is a pivitol turning point for young writers.  These rubrics are displayed in sequence on a wall.The  rubric and samples show the child where they used to be in their writing skills, where they are now, and where they need to be for the next level.
We now see the same child making a huge jump in writing ability and it is only January of the school year.  To get a V+ on the Expanding level the child understood that she had to write at least three sentences with correct punctuation, copy words from semantic charts, and sound out words.  She also used a title and a detailed picture.
I am leaving the link to the complete rubric.  This product also includes a detailed rubric for reading.

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