Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Understanding WIDA language proficiency scale.

This article uses an ice cream cone as an analogy for language growth and proficiency based on the WIDA scale.  It is a great way to explain this to non-ESL professionals and parents.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Plants A Kindergarten Thematic Unit Aligned With CCSS/WIDA

This product meets all your needs to implement an extremely effective thematic unit on plants. Your students will be exposed to the concepts and vocabulary of the unit through reading, writing, poetry, art projects, science experiments, and math activities . CCSS and WIDA standards are addressed and written out for your teaching agenda. The following is a list of some of the components of this unit. Enjoy!
-Step by Step Bean Sprout Experiment
-Daffodil Flower Project
-Grass Plant Project
-Leaf Concept Poem
-Roots Concept Poem
-Garden Number Match
-Parts of Plants Activity
-Pattern Plants
-Example of Fruit and Vegetable Paint Printing
-Teaching Points for the Unit
-Book Suggestions
-WIDA Standards
-Rose Concept Poem
-Scientist Notebook
-Tissue Flower Project
-Venn Diagram Template
-What A Plant Needs Activity
-Nature Walk Templates for Each Season
And More…

Click on picture for link to product.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A concept poem about fish.


The poem “A Fish Wish” is an example of my “Concept Poems”.  My concept poems have a deliberate academic purpose. I created my poems as a vehicle to teach concepts being taught in content areas of instruction.

High frequency words were used to make the transition from hearing the poem to reading the poem easier.  The poems are easy for the children to remember and chant. After a few recitations, the children know the poem and all the factual information it addresses about its subject!

Poem and rhyme are a powerful way to teach concepts.  The rhyme allows easy memorization and repeated readings allow the students to internalize the concepts being taught. 
Click poem for link to my store and complete Fish and Sea Life Thematic unit.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Total Physical Response Sea Life Activity

This activity is a great way to teach vocabulary for a unit on sea life.  The students have fun learning through movement.  TPR activities help the children internalize the unit's vocabulary through body movement. Enjoy it for free.  Click on picture to go to my store.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Fish and Sea Life Thematic Unit
This product an all inclusive thematic unit for your teaching needs. It addresses the science standards for aquatic life in kindergarten The children will learn about characteristics of a fish and the difference between fish and ocean mammals. Extension activities about pond life are included as well. The children will learn the concepts and vocabulary being taught through poetry , art, activities and printables that can be used across the kindergarten curriculum. Here are some of the items in this product:

-Teaching Points
-Concept Poems for pet goldfish, mammals/dolphins, frogs...
-needs of aquatic life
-compare and contrast mammals and fish
-sort and classify fish and other sea life
-scientific notebook template
-TPR activity
-writing prompt using five senses
-under the sea counting book
-vocabulary word book to trace words and color
-traditional rhyme with number count, color and write activity
-Down by the Pond Label book
-tadpole concept poem
-and more!