Sunday, March 3, 2013


Fish and Sea Life Thematic Unit
This product an all inclusive thematic unit for your teaching needs. It addresses the science standards for aquatic life in kindergarten The children will learn about characteristics of a fish and the difference between fish and ocean mammals. Extension activities about pond life are included as well. The children will learn the concepts and vocabulary being taught through poetry , art, activities and printables that can be used across the kindergarten curriculum. Here are some of the items in this product:

-Teaching Points
-Concept Poems for pet goldfish, mammals/dolphins, frogs...
-needs of aquatic life
-compare and contrast mammals and fish
-sort and classify fish and other sea life
-scientific notebook template
-TPR activity
-writing prompt using five senses
-under the sea counting book
-vocabulary word book to trace words and color
-traditional rhyme with number count, color and write activity
-Down by the Pond Label book
-tadpole concept poem
-and more!

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