Friday, August 16, 2013

This color, cut and paste activity is a great way to teach positional words. The children cut out five little pumpkins and must place them in the proper place in the book. This little book allows the child to actively place an object in the correct position. This helps the child internalize the meaning of the words. This is an excellent activity for general ed. primary, ELL primary or newcomer students K-5. 

My Brother Poem and Activity FREE!

This is a great poem about a member of a family. An activity with illustrations that compliment the poem is provided.

Goldilocks Poem and Activity

This is an original poem designed to help teach the five senses. The children will enjoy hearing the story from the perspective of Baby Bear. There is an activity to compliment the poem and extend the concept and vocabulary of the five senses. Teaching points are given to help maximize the use of this poem as a tool to teach this concept.

Family, Friends and Me” is a great thematic unit to build upon the prior knowledge your students have about themselves and the people in their lives. In this unit the children will deepen and extend their knowledge about family members, their friends, feelings, and their five senses. These are great topics you can use to develop their writing skills. Children learn to write best when they are composing stories about concepts they really understand. Poems are used to teach the concepts and vocabulary of this unit. Each poem has an activity with complimenting illustrations. Here are some examples of what you will find in this wonderfully designed packet:
Goldilocks, Goldilocks Poem and Activity (To help teach the five senses)
Baby Bear color words activity sheet
Various math worksheets with family theme
Family Wordbook
Five Senses Wordbook
Family word match
Unit Work Folder
Feelings Poem and activity
Family Poem and activity
Brother Poem and activity
Sister Poem and Activity
Friend Poem and Activity
Grandparent Poem and Activity
Five Senses Journal
Writing templates for family and friends
Portrait templates for family members and friends.
And much more!!!


Free Autumn Poem and Activity

This product is an autumn poem that has several complimenting activities. It is designed to teach the concepts and vocabulary of the autumn season. Tier two and tier three words were incorporated into the poem to develop rich use of vocabulary. The children are not expected to read the poem but to learn from it. This product is a sample from the unit Fall an early primary thematic unit-found at TpT from Virginia Olivelli's Little Language Learners.

Fall Thematic Unit

Enjoy teaching math and literacy skills using the concepts of the autumn season. This unit helps you saturate your classroom in the vocabulary and concepts of fall. The students will learn about fall through poetry, writing, science notebook activities, cooking experiences, math and literacy skills. Here is a few products of the 110 slides that comprise this jumbo fall thematic unit:

Non fiction and fiction poems and compatible activities
Writing templates 
Number recognition activity
Color recognition activity
Shape worksheet
Cooking activities and compatible worksheets
Book suggestions for read alouds
Compare and Contrast seasons
Fall addition
Fall counting book
Fall nature walk template
Fall scientist notebook
Fall work folder
Four season graph
Welcome apples in various languages
Where Is My Little Pumpkin positional word activity
WIDA alignment information
and much, more!

Free Teacher Poem and Activity

This product is a sample from the unit "The First Four Weeks of School". An early primary thematic unit which is aligned with CCSS and WIDA. This item is a poem about the school's music teacher and her class. Compatible activities are provided. The entire unit contains 110 slides of school themed poems, activities, art projects, math and literacy activities. A assessment tool is provided that is quick to administer but gives an abundant of information on the academic benchmark for each child.