Thursday, October 3, 2013

ELL Newcomers-Work and Academic Assessment

Newcomers arrive throughout the school year. Often they are academically and linguistically behind their ESL and General Ed. peers. It is frustrating for both the teacher and student in the first few weeks. The student is trying to assimilate into a new culture and school environment without knowing the language. The teacher has the task of addressing the various language acquisition levels of her class and attend to the complex needs of her "newcomer" student. This unit was designed to make the first few weeks of this orientation period easier for both the student and the teacher. Portrait templates for school specialty teachers, nurse, classroom teacher and principal are available. This will help introduce a frightened newcomer to their new school environment and teachers. Many newcomers may not have had formal education (refugees) in their home country-leaving them far behind their school age peers. Seat work and activities are provided. A quick academic assessment is also available. It will give you a baseline of what the child knows and what level to start planning lessons that will attend to his/her needs.
Note: This product is also sold as "The First Four Weeks Of School"

Fall -An Early Primary Thematic Unit Aligned with CCSS/WIDA
Enjoy teaching math and literacy skills as you introduce the concepts of the autumn season. This unit helps you saturate your classroom in the vocabulary and concepts of fall. The students will learn about fall through poetry, writing, science notebook activities, cooking experiences, math and literacy skills. Practice activities for FSF, NWF, PSF, LNF and sight words are included. Give your students a head start for reading assessments such as DIBELS. Here are a few products from the 120 slides that comprise this jumbo fall thematic unit:
Non fiction and fiction poems and compatible activities
Writing templates
Number recognition activity
Color recognition activity
Shape worksheet
Cooking activities and compatible worksheets
Book suggestions for read alouds
Compare and Contrast seasons
Fall addition
Fall counting book
Fall nature walk template
Fall scientist notebook
Fall work folder
Four season graph
Welcome apples in various languages
Where Is My Little Pumpkin positional word activity
WIDA alignment information
and much, more!