Monday, May 4, 2015

Sheltered Instruction: SIOP Model Features One to Thirty

The SIOP Model is a method that follows the Sheltered Instruction approach for English Language Learners.  I will be breaking down the SIOP model on this blog.  I will go through all its features and elements step by step.  I will help you learn about its benefits and how to implement them into your instruction.  Sheltered Instruction is really just good teaching.  This lesson model design will be effective with ELL, Special Education students, and any challenging educational target audience. Pre K through grade twelve.

I hope you stop by my blog as I progress through the features of the SIOP model.  I will be giving advice and resource ideas to support this model. 

The first post will be about what the SIOP model is and the titles of the 30 features.

Think about your CCSS.  Think about WIDA.  Think about the curriculum that your school system uses for all content areas.  They all have a common denominator.  Bloom's Taxonomy.  The SIOP model also focusses on the development of higher order thinking skills. "HOTS" Everything in education always comes back to Bloom's!


This activity exemplifies the above language/content objective.  The label activity will be given after a graphic organizer is completed.  The graphic organizer will be the support for the student to complete the activity.

CCSS and WIDA proficiency levels should be integral components in your lesson/unit design.

I have included some examples from my early primary thematic unit on plants.

Here is a link to my plant unit.  It has over 168 pages of activities and printables that are aligned to CCSS, WIDA and CALLA.

Feature 6

 The following are examples of activities from my poetry center unit.  You can find Jack's Giant for free on TpT. Click on cover.

Check out this beautifully designed Fish and Sea Life Thematic unit on TpT.  Click on cover.

You can find this TPR unit for free on TpT!!
 It is also part of the fish unit.  Click on cover.

Here are scaffolded writing templates.  I have designed these for all my thematic units.


Check out my jumbo weather and season unit on TpT.  Over 200 pages of printables and activities all aligned to SIOP, CALLA and WIDA!

Here is a page from The Butterfly Scientist Notebook .  The students observed their caterpillars and wrote observations.  This was a kindergarten ESL class.  They used their wordbooks and scientist notebooks as supports to write their unit story.  

Click on picture to view my insect unit.

 Click on picture to view my Butterfly unit.  (The butterfly unit is also part of the insect unit)

 The following Activities and Printables are from my food unit.  There are over 110 pages that are all aligned to SIOP, CCSS, CALLA, WIDA.  Click on the cover to see the unit of TpT!

 The following are all examples of activities that implement elements of the SIOP Model.

 Scaffolded writing templates are available in the unit.

Ideas for concrete experiences are presented.